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What is the OpenHoldem Poker Bot?


(Quoted from the OpenHoldem Project manual)



"OpenHoldem, and its supporting applications, OpenScrape, ManualMode and OHReplay, is an open source screen scraping framework and programmable logic engine for the online Texas Hold'em style poker game. This framework provides the capabilities to allow you to build your own Texas Hold'em robot (bot)." There are two major parts to any poker bot, the game state engine, and the action engine. OpenHoldem is a framework. What that means is that you need to provide it with a couple of things to enable the game state engine and the action engine to operate correctly. The first is the parameters that instruct OpenHoldem how to interpret the pixels presented by the casino that you play at." This is called the TableMap. "Each casino presents these pixels in a slightly different manner, and thus these parameters need to be specific for each casino. Second is the logic to tell the action engine what to do - just like every person plays live/human poker in a different style, this logic will instruct OpenHoldem how to play the style that you want it to play." This is called the OpenHoldem profile. "OpenHoldem supports every casino in existence today, as far as we know. If you find a casino that does not work with OpenHoldem's game state or action model, please hit the forums and let us know. The developer team is very responsive to modifying OpenHoldem to work with the continually changing landscape of Texas Hold'em casino client software. OpenHoldem also supports every sub-flavor of Texas Hold'em poker known to exist today. No-limit, fixed-limit, pot-limit, full ring, heads-up, 6-max, MTT, SNG, double or nothing, turbo, normal speed, whatever. Someone else has already made it work - you can make it work too."


About Our Products

Our profiles have been proven winners over the years and have shown vast improvements as time has gone on. Recently, (in the past 2 years) we have developed automated hoppers/loaders to let the users bot completely hands free. These products were named Hydra...


May 15, 2016

Converted all profiles to the 9.x platform

Converted most tablemaps to the 9.x platform

Misc fixes and improvements to WebMTTAgg Generation 9

"We believe in creating valuable and informative products for the OpenHoldem poker bot. We strive to give the best customer service in the market, and your great experience means the world to us."